Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, ScarWork and Sports Massage

Surrey and Central London

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A whole-body approach

to reduce pain and improve mobility

Soft tissue therapy to reduce pain and improve mobility. Slightly different to massage, more effective and long-lasting, to leave you feeling taller, lighter and more mobile from the first session.

If you have had pain for a while, or an area that just doesn’t move that well, the chances are that it’s not just the area itself that’s an issue. The body adapts to strain, for example by taking the weight off an injured limb, or creating changes to support whatever hurts or doesn’t move so well. If this is the case, then only targeting the area of pain may not be the answer. Our approach follows the lines of tension up, down and spiralling around the body. Often it takes the whole body to be put back into balance in order for the pain to go, or that stuck area to move.

We look at the whole body, the whole person, and what you need. We address the tension in the body by working on the soft tissue - freeing, releasing, lengthening and loosening. It really can make you stand taller and move more freely. A series of twelve sessions of structural integration is amazing to completely re-balance the body, but if this is not an option, a shorter series or a single session can still achieve many changes. 

Structural Integration can help with:

- Improving posture and breathing
- Improving range, coordination and efficiency of movement
- Reducing chronic pain and stiffness, such as:

  • Neck and Shoulder pains

  • Back pain

  • Headaches and migraines

  • TMJ (jaw) pain

  • Post natal aches

Beyond resolving pain, it can help:

- Runners to run more freely
- Horse riders to feel how imbalances in their body affect their horse, and vice versa
- Yoga students to stretch more deeply into an asana
- Pilates students to move with more precision
- Age to be just a number, rather than an inevitable deterioration of your body


These are just some examples, and the possibilities are endless....give it a try to find out what it can do for you! Call on 07905 956717, email, or use the Contact form for more information or to make a booking.