Nikki Collis

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"I have been practising structural integration since 2008, and sports massage for four years prior to that. I was frustrated by the limitations of massage in making long term changes, and wanted something more. I studied Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (formerly KMI, or Kinesis Myofascial Integration) with Tom Myers and James Earls, and continued on the myofascial path from there, adding Active Fascial Release (AFR), and Til Luchau's Advanced Myofascial Techniques.

The ATSI 12 series allows time to consider the body in its entirety, and make effective and long term changes. It provides options for another way to move, sit and stand, allowing clients to move on to whatever comes next in their life with a different baseline physically and often emotionally too.

Every client, and every body, is a different puzzle to solve, which keeps me endlessly engaged and challenged. 

My particular areas of interest are working on neck and shoulder pain, headaches and migraines, and scars of any kind. I enjoy sports myself, particularly tennis, cycling and running, and am intrigued by the possibilities of improving sports performance with a better balanced and more springy body.

I trained in Sharon Wheeler's ScarWork in 2015, and was amazed by how such gentle work could have such profound effects. I had an abdominal scar myself, which I didn’t consider a problem. It was only after the sensation was gone that I discovered that I was bracing myself and feeling a pull every single time I got up from a chair. I have since helped scars to become smoother and flatter, allowed people to stand taller, without the adhesions surrounding the scar pulling them down.

Having had children myself, I totally appreciate the effects of giving birth, caring for young children, lifting and carrying them, sleep deprivation, the discomfort of C section scars, and feeling that looking after yourself comes last on the list. I welcome new mothers, and if bringing your baby is the only way to get help with that neck, shoulder or back pain, then it’s fine with me.

I studied Biology at Oxford University, and after a first career in IT, I was so glad to return to my interests and find a job that I’m passionate about. I am always learning new techniques to add to my practice, and I  feel lucky to have found such challenging and enjoyable work. It's a pleasure to meet new clients and spend time with them, working together to resolve their issues.

I hope that you will visit and find out for yourself the possibilities inherent in your body."